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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pakistan Ranks 62nd in Global IT Competitiveness Index

Pakistan ranks 62nd in the world in the 2008 Information Technology (IT) industry competitiveness index, falling two place; from its 2007 ranking of 60 in the index. In comparison, most neighbouring South Asian countries were ranked more favourably; for example India ranked 48th, Sri Lanka ranked 54th and Bangladesh ranked 60th.These are among the findings of a new study issued by the Economist intelligence Unit and sponsored by the Business Software Alliance (BSA). The study, now in its second year, assesses and compares the IT industry environments of 66 countries to determine the extent to which they enable IT sector competitiveness.Although the top 20 economies remain the same from one year ago, nine countries moved up and 11 went down in the rankings. Three countries in the top five are, new: Taiwan, Sweden and, Denmark. The top five countries in Asia-pacific Region are Taiwan, Australia, South Korea, Singapore and Japan.-PR

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