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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Interview Questions For GIS

1. GIS is a highly technical, cutting edge technology. As a member of the IT community, how do you stay current with changes in GIS and technology?

2. You have been given a text file consisting of miscellaneous data including names, addresses, and X-Y coordinates. How would you input this data into a GIS?

3. What is the difference between CAD and GIS? What would an appropriate use be for either?

4. What is a projection? How is a projection changed using ARCINFO or ArcView?

5. How do raster and vector data differ, and give an example of each?

6. How would you copy a file from a network location in a Windows environment?

7. What is Heads-Up Digitizing?

8. What is a variable?

9. What is the difference between a Union and an Intersect function?

10. Given a database with a “Last Name” Field, describe a SQL statement that selects all people with the last name of Smith.

11. What file is required to properly display a TIFF Image in the correct coordinate space?

12. Given a Future Land Use coverage or shapefile, how could you calculate the acreages by Land Use type? Assume that there is a field called “acreage.”

13. A data request for eagle nest locations has been given to you. How do you go about locating the data?

14. How do you set an environment variable in Windows NT, 9x or any programming language?

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Danduanilkumar said...

where is the answers for the above questions